How to keep kids safe outdoors

kks Outdoor safety is very important for kids due to constant movement of vehicles.  They could also be injured or harmed by animals or anti social elements and miscreants.

Kids like to be outdoors due to attractive and new things they get to see.  Going outdoors cuts off their boredom and monotony.  Therefore kids may be tempted to stray outdoors.

Kids do not understand the risk they take while moving out, until a certain age.  They take risks innocently.  While people do watch out for lonely kids straying out, you may take few precautions to avoid any trouble or harm to the kid.

Never let kids venture out alone.  Keep your door locked, so that kids cannot move out without your notice.  Be there with the kid when you take him/her to play.  Encircle your lawn with walls/wooden planks so that the kid cannot go into the road.

While you are out with the kid, have a look at it again.  Or, if you are at home, keep the kid in a place where you can see him/her.  Do not get engrossed in chatting with anyone while the kid is outside.  You may completely lose track of where the kid is.

Do not keep gardening equipments or sharp digging objects in the lawn.  Keep it in a toolbox and lock it.  Keep an eye on the kid so that he/she does not get too close to the plants for fear of bites from insects and pests.

Be careful if you have a swimming pool.  Enclose it and keep the gates locked when you are not using it.

While you take the kid for a walk on the road, keep the child on side opposite to the movement of vehicles.  Use the pavement for walking.  Hold the child’s hand so that he/she does not stray.


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