How To Keep Chipmunks Away From Your Garden

chim If you own a lovely garden you must have taken a great deal of care to look after it. Once you find that your garden is blooming with life, you would surely not want rodents such as nasty chipmunks to devastate all the effects of your hard toiling in the garden.

If you spot such a rodent in your beautiful garden and well-maintained garden then try to be very careful as the creature can cause a good amount of damage. Learn how to keep chipmunks away from your garden and combat the problem.

Chipmunks Can Damage Your Garden

The most common type of damage that any chipmunk is capable of doing is making burrows in the soil in order to eat bulbs. Chipmunks also have the capacity to destroy your lovely garden by digging up big dens so that they can nest. The den holes, which they dig up, are about one and a half inches broad.

Problem of Chipmunks

There is another problem that is associated with chipmunks. They often enter your houses and make a mess. Their main entrance points are the sill area or your dryer vent. The chipmunks easily manage to chew out an opening so that they can enter.

Steps To Get Rid Of Chipmunks

If you are fed up of this rodent and want to get rid of chipmunks, then you will have to take certain steps. Make sure that you reduce the quantity of food that is available in your house. Store excess food in places where the chipmunks cannot reach.

Avoid Problems

Chipmunks usually get very attracted to your bird feeders that are responsible for leaving food on the ground. Therefore, clear the mess. In case you have an attractive lawn with lush green plants and you wish to save from the onslaught of chipmunks, then you should encase your plants in a wire mesh, which is about a quarter inch thick. These tips will help in maintaining a nice garden and in keeping chipmunks away.


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