How to involve socially awkward friends at parties?

awkward You may be a social animal having a wide range of friends but you may still have a friend who is shy. Ironic? Not really. It can really take place. There are several things you can do to help your friend overcome their awkwardness with social situations.


Remember that shyness maybe a feeling of not being confident enough, or having a mental attitude of not being bold enough. It maybe an act of running away from every circumstances and maybe a reflection of having low esteem. It may be language barrier or cultural barrier that is making your friend shy. As a friend, it is your responsibility to help your friend to turn a new leaf. However, be aware that sometimes people do not interact just because they are comfortable not interacting.

Prepare your friend

Introduce your shy friend to your wide circle of friends. Allow the shy friend to develop communication with your friends. Do not tease your shy friend. Highlight the strengths of your friend. Your friend may be a movie buff or enthusiastic sports viewer. Introduce topics in these areas so that your friend can contribute and that will help your friend in becoming confident. If your shy friend is a singer, allow a song to be sung and give arousing clap in the end. Even shy persons who are interested only in academics can be allowed to break the silence by asking doubts about studies and slowly turning conversations into personal communication.

Excuse yourselves

Once your shy friend has an interesting conversation going on, slowly excuse yourself from the scene without your friend noticing it. That will make your shy friends self belief gets stronger.

Make a habit

Make a habit of taking your friend s outside even if they remain aloof. As they get used to situations, they will  open themselves more and you should be sensitive to their efforts and you should be aware of your role.
Temper your enthusiasm to get your friend to open up with the knowledge of whether he or she really wants to open up. If they are comfortable the way they are (innately reticent) then do not force them to change. After all, words are not always necessary to communicate!


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