How to Invoke Angels

Angels are our guiding force. They are the ones who lead us onto right path and help us in our troubled times. If you want to contact them to seek their help, but don’t have an idea how to do it, then follow the steps below.

Steps on how to invoke angels:

1. The very first step towards reaching your angels is that you should retire into a quiet room. Position yourself in a comfortable pose and think of the events, both good and bad, that have taken place in your life. Try to forgive and love those who have hurt you. In fact, forgive yourself too for the thing you had done wrong. This is indeed a tough step. But believe in yourself and see how it works wonder for you.

2. Now, in that same room, you need to take up a comfortable posture for meditation. Slowly shut your eyes and make your mind clear. Invoke angels being in this meditative mode. Try to sense the energy around you and feel their presence.

3. While calling upon angels, you can imagine them in different forms and looks. To some angels appear in shapes of cloud. Some imagine them as any other common person. You can think of an angel in any form. You just need to believe in its presence. If you cannot think of an image, then don’t worry. Because there are some who hear angel’s voice also.

4. As soon as you feel their presence, you can put forward your questions to them. Whatever you ask, ask them with a clear mind. Let the answers flow freely to you. If you have a notebook there, you can note down the guidance coming from them for you.

5. In this whole process, you need to be patient. Wait for the angels to find out solutions to your problem and have faith in them.

6. At the end, you must thank your angels for their guidance and support. Thank them for being always with you and extending their help whenever you were in need.


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