How to Invent Dance Steps

dancestep Dancing is a passion for some people and some practice dancing for exercising. Dancing is really a very interesting activity and it is true that people start dancing spontaneously when they become extremely happy. Dancing is a form of art that expresses joy and happiness. Since dancing is associated with songs and music, there is a great link between the wordings of the song and the dance performed with it.

It depends on the dancer how she/he wants to express the wordings of the song through her/his moves. So, it is best to invent the dance steps and moves on your own. Then only your performance will become more spontaneous and original. Here are some unique tips on how to invent dance steps. Check these out and start making moves on the tunes.

1. First you have to select a music track on which you will be performing. Then listen to the song very carefully. After hearing it repeatedly, you will have an idea about the meanings and interpretations of the wordings. Then you can start creating moves with the song. The steps of the dance should express the meaning of the song. However, not necessarily every world should be interpreted through your dance steps.

2. Start dancing spontaneously and create new steps while dancing. Experiment with different types of steps. Try to invent original moves to bring a new flavor to your dance. However, the steps should be meaningful and expressive. When you create new steps in your dance it really feel great and inspiring. Give yourself a chance to create something new and enjoy your creation.

3. Involve all your body parts to create expressive moves. Your legs, hands, fingers, toes and waist all should take part in your creation and move expressively to invent new original steps. You cam mix and match various different dancing steps to create a unique step. After deciding on a step, you should write it down in a copy so that you can practice the steps later.


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