How to install CCTV

cct A CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is used to monitor or surveil an area. Shopping malls, banks, hotels, government offices and lot other establishments have CCTVs installed in their buildings. CCTVs are very useful devices for capturing videos and pictures of people in an act of doing something within the premises of surveillance.

It is generally used to counter anti-social activities, but can also be used for other purposes. CCTVs are also installed on public pathways and traffic junctions. They are great devices to have in high-security areas.

They work by sending signals captured by them to personal computers, Internet, your monitor or television. These days CCTVs are more affordable. They also are easy to handle. You can use a CCTV for your office.

How does it operate?

CCTVs come in various categories based on their way of transmitting signals. They are analog, digital, wired and unwired. Each of these have unique operating methods. All CCTVs come with generic components like camera and lens. Wired CCTVs use co-axial wires to transmit signals to a monitor; wireless CCTVs broadcast signals.

The signal can be received by your television set, PC, laptop or an internal website. Analog CCTVs use television monitors, since they are wired, while the digital / wireless CCTVs use broadcast technology to relay the signal directly to a computer monitor. Analog CCTVs use a VCR (video cassette recorder ) to record video capturing while digital CCTVs use DVRs (digital video recorder).

How to install a CCTV

Wireless systems might just need an electric outlet and related software installed on your computer whereas analog systems will need cables. You might need to drill holes into your wall to accommodate the analog systems connectivity path to your monitor. So be your own judge and decide if this is feasible.

After you have figured out, start of with the following

1) Choose locations for fixing the CCTV. If you have a wireless system, you could just perch it up there, and plug its wire into an electricity outlet.

2) For wireless systems, configure your software once the CCTV is set up.

3) For analog systems / wired systems choose an area where you could also make space for drilling holes to pass in the wires. Run the wires through these holes, whilst also stapling them onto the wall with a metal bracket. Affix the wire to the monitor. Turn on the CCTV. Adjust your CCTV to make any changes to your television view quality.


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