How to install an antivirus on your computer?

av Our computer contains our important data and information and many of us can not afford to lose it at any case.

All of us make use of internet for various purposes. Internet makes our work easy and quick but little do we know that only internet is main reason for the entry of viruses in your Computer. In this article you will learn how you can save your computer from the entry of antivirus.


Step 1

One cannot go without using internet. So entry of malicious Trojans and viruses is inevitable. No antivirus till now protects your computer100% from viruses but many powerful antiviruses helps you to keep your PC safe from the virus damage.

Even if you do not use internet connection you must still keep your computer protected with an antivirus. Even when you use the pen drive and other external drives in your PC it seems to carry a risk of adding viruses into your computer.

Step 2

Antivirus helps to block the suspicious activities of various viruses and helps to kill them. Viruses keep on making new folders in our computer and use a lot of its memory.

Step 3

Installing an antivirus will keep the viruses away but you need t update it from time to time in order to get the latest version and full protection from viruses. Once you have installed an antivirus, make sure you update it every day to its newest option. Most of the antivirus updates themselves on its own but for some of them you will have to schedule the updating process to keep them updated.

Step 4

Some of the powerful antivirus that you can install on your PC is Avast, Trend Micro, Panda, MacAfee, etc. Installing an antivirus is mandatory in a computer to keep your system virus free.

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