How to Insert Page Numbers in MS Word

page If you are working on a Microsoft Office Word document that has multiple pages, Word allows you to format the document such that the page number is displayed on each page. Usually, these page numbers are made to appear in the header or the footer section of each page.

Word 2007 supports several preformatted page number designs, which you can easily use to insert headers or footers that display page numbers. Here are some basic guidelines on how to add or remove page numbers in a Word document.

How to Insert Page Numbers

Follow these simple steps to create a header or footer that contains only the page number:

1. Click on the Insert tab, and from the Header & Footer group, select Page Number.

2. Select Top of Page or Bottom of Page, depending on where you want the page numbers to be displayed in the document.

3. Select a page number design from the gallery of designs.

If you want to place the page numbers in the side margin of the pages, select Page Margins instead of Top of Page or Bottom of Page in step 2 above.

You can also create a header or footer that contains the page number besides additional content such as text and graphics.

How to Remove Page Numbers

You can easily remove a header or footer from a Word document, when the page number is the only content in the header or footer. In case the header or footer contains additional content besides the page number, you can delete just the page number as well.

To delete a header or footer that consists only of the page number:

1. Go to the Insert tab, and select Page Number in the Header & Footer group.

2. Click Remove Page Numbers.

To delete only the page number, leaving the rest of the header or footer intact:

1. Double-click in the header or footer area.

2. Click on the page number, and press Delete.


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