How to inculcate reading habit among kids

rhak Reading is a good habit.  For many of us, books are the best friends.  Reading stories, poems, autobiographies, novels etc can have a deep impact on our lives and can be a truly enriching experience. 

Apart from being an excellent source of knowledge, reading can also help in killing boredom.  Reading widens the perspective on life and helps us to lead a more meaningful life.

Some children get habituated to reading from a small age, whereas for some children the habit has to be inculcated.  Some kids may show resistance to reading at a tender age as they are hyperactive and are more interested in playing.  Moreover their understanding of language is limited.  During this time, you can start by reading out stories to kids.

Bedtime stories are a good way of introducing kids to storybooks.  You can also recite poems that are soothing and have a feel of joy and happiness.  Children may feel inclined towards the stories you say, and later on, may develop a habit of reading themselves.

To encourage kids to read, you need to give them some interesting topic.  Know your child well.  Kids may have varied interests like knowing about animals, learning about world facts, countries, rivers, national flags, languages etc.  Know the topics that interest your child and then buy books or magazines for them.

Kids also develop interest if the presentation of the book is good; i.e. if there are more colours, big fonts, pictorial representation etc.  This helps them to connect with what they are reading.  Once a connection is established, reading becomes fun.

Do not introduce kids to lengthy articles or stories.  Choose small and simple stories.

Do not buy fat books.  It may threaten kids and they may be demotivated to read it.

Let the child figure out the best time for him/her to read.  Do not force the child to read at a particular time.  This will reduce his/her interest.


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