How to Increase Your Endurance with Yoga

yg Do you know how to increase your endurance with yoga? If you have never given it a thought then you should bring out your yoga mat and start practicing the following poses. These poses are good for you because they help in boosting your endurance, power, and strength.

Poses for Boosting Energy

All of us lead very busy lives but we can surely find some time to keep ourselves healthy. While practicing these poses, make sure that you keep your eyes closed. The first pose will help in eradicating your ego. Sit down by crossing your legs and keep your fingers below the finger creases of your opposite hands.

Keep the thumbs pointed outwards. Now raise your hands over your head and try to make a kind of 60° angle. Now you have to breathe very quickly through you nose, imitating the panting of a dog. Hold onto the position for about one to three minutes. Bring your thumbs over your head, open the other fingers, and lower your hands. This will complete the pose.

Twist Your Spine

If you want to do the spinal flex pose then you have to sit once again with your legs crossed and clutch your shins or calves. While lifting your chest up and forward, you have to inhale. Now as your twist your spine and turn your chin to your chest, you have to exhale. Begin at a slow pace and increase the speed once you are steady. Carry on this pose for about three minutes. With the help of this pose you will be able to bring out the energy that is trapped in the spine.

Yoga for Your Back

To do the back platform pose sit on the mat keeping your legs in the front. Now keep your hands about 10 inches behind the butt. Your fingertips should point at your feet. Raise your bottom off the floor and then squeeze your calves, thighs, and butt. Lower your head slightly and breathe fast through your nose. Hold the pose for about 15 seconds, lower your body and relax.


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