How to increase protein content in a vegetarian diet?

vdt Proteins are the building blocks which help in the repair, growth of the body as well as the immune system of the body. Proteins are a must for every individual but all the more essential for growing children, expecting mothers and sports athletes.

While many believe that non vegetarian food items have high protein content than a vegetarian diet. This is a myth. In fact, most of the plant products like soybeans, lentils, rice, wheat, oats etc. are equally rich in protein content. When it comes to a vegetarian diet there are umpteen choices which can supplement a balanced vegetarian diet.

Soya is as rich in proteins as animal meat. A vegetarian diet is better than a non vegetarian one as the chances of suffering from diseases associated with excessive protein diet are much reduced.

Given below are some ways to include a rich protein diet in your vegetarian meal:

Step 1 – Include protein rich drinks like soya milk along with whole grain bread for a healthy morning breakfast. Plain milk is also a good option if one does not like the taste of soya milk.

Step 2 – Try to include cereals like wheat, rice or oats in your lunch. Other options are to cook vegetables or make salads using soya oil. You can also consume sufficient quantity of proteins by preparing dishes which include lentils, black beans as main ingredients.

Step 3 – For brunch or snacks have roasted nuts or seeds which are high in protein content.

Step 4 – Consume a mixed variety of plant proteins as they generally lack in all kinds of amino acids. Thus one has to try several permutation and combination of plant protein sources to get the vital amino acids into the system.

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