How to increase confidence for a client meeting?

bcf1 Confidence is one trait which supplements other attributes of one’s personality. A confident person is able to communicate his or her ideas with much ease and effectiveness.

Confidence is one quality which appeals to most of the people. This is one quality which can be developed by an individual who strives to acquire it. One way to augment this attribute is to feel good about yourself.


1.    Look at the positive aspects of life. No one is perfect, yet everyone is blessed with one or the other unique quality. Introspect into those qualities that are deeply buried in your psyche.

2.    Express those unique qualities when you interact with your peers or colleagues within the office as well as at social gatherings.

3.    Evaluate your credentials and achievements to feel the high. Such a feeling is necessary if one has to face a large crowd.

4.    Stay in the company of people who exude optimism and a cheerful disposition. Frequent interaction can influence your attitudes, perceptions and subsequently your actions.

5.    Read through books that are motivational or inspiration. A good book is the best companion if you wish to change yourself for the better.

6.    Participate in activities where you can show your talent and skills. Recognition and praise definitely reinstate confidence in you.

7.    Do not hesitate to speak out your mind while attending a meeting or conference. Take advantage of the opportunity to express your ideas.

8.    Handle criticism positively. Consider flaws as areas where you need to improve. Take it as a challenge and prove your critics wrong. There can be nothing more pleasing to see your critics go green with envy.

9.    When ever any negative thought creeps up, indulge in an activity to keep you mind occupied. Whenever you can spare the time engage in some constructive or creative work.

Bhrat Brij

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