How to improve your writing

iph Having a neat and clean writing is important to make a good impression on people.  Your thoughts and ideas may be excellent; however, if your handwriting is not good, it may demotivate people from reading what you have written.

Success in examinations, essay writing competitions etc depends a lot upon the way you present your ideas and of course, on your writing.

Clarity and legibility are benchmarks of good handwriting.  Your alphabets, words must be written in such a way that people can understand it by just glancing at it.  They must not have to strain or make an effort to figure out what the alphabet or word is.

Practice writing alphabets so that you do leave it in an open-ended fashion.  Practice writing the letters in the way it is supposed to be written.  Discipline your mind to follow the given style of writing.  Make handwriting practice a part of your daily routine.  You may allot half an hour everyday to practice writing.

Also while practicing, do not be in haste to complete the writing task and scribble anyhow to just complete it.  Slow down.  Concentrate on the formation of the letters and do not leave it open or extend it in haste.

Use ruled sheets so that you get habituated to write in a straight line.  After enough practice you may start writing in plain paper.  Use a paper that you feel comfortable writing it.  Avoid using plain paper if your sentences do not follow a straight line.

Use a good quality pen/pencil so that you have a good grip and the writing task is also smooth and effort less.  Also choose a smooth and even surface for writing.

Body posture is also important for handwriting.  Sit in chair and use a table with a comfortable height, so that your arm can rest easily over it and you can write comfortably.  Do not use a table lower than the height of the chair.

Do not put the pressure of your upper body on the hand while writing.  If you are sitting on a bed, use a pillow and pad to have a smooth and sturdy surface for you to write.  Do not lie on the bed and write.


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