How to improve your voice

hiv A modulated and pleasant voice is soothing to hear.  It enables you to talk confidently to others.  It is an added advantage to your oral communication.  A good voice helps you to succeed in following a profession in public relations, customer service and is also helpful in singing.

To improve your voice, a consistent and graded exposure to voice based exercises will help.  You can take assistance of a voice or speech therapist and benefit from their professional skills and expertise in voice training.  You can also take a course on voice modulation that will help you to improve your voice and tone.

You can take few initiatives on your own.  You can take few tips like not drinking very chilled beverages, alcohol, caffeine based drinks and limiting the consumption of oily, deep fried and greasy food.  Gargling everyday with a solution of salt and warm water will also help to clear and open up your vocal chords.

Chanting yogic or spiritual mantras or repeating ‘OM’ in a prolonged resonating way can also help in opening up the vocal chord.  You can also train your voice everyday by singing or reading.  Work on softening on your tone and the pressure exerted on the throat while speaking.

Be aware of the movement of the throat while speaking or singing, and try to talk in a way that will not pressurize them.  For example, do not scream, do not talk loudly, do not try to sing in a pitch that you cannot match.

Relieving stress and tension are also important to improve voice.  Practice yoga, meditation or physical exercises like swimming, to stay away from stress and tension.  Exercises like dancing also help you to relax and feel free.

Be happy with the natural voice you have got.  Do not pressurize your vocal chords to produce an extra soft or shrill voice.

Drinking warm water mixed with honey every morning on empty stomach may help in smoothening the vocal chords.


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