How to improve your vocabulary

vocabular Vocabulary helps a great deal in written and oral communication.  By having a good vocabulary, you can express your thoughts and ideas more effectively.  You develop a sense of ease while talking and interacting with others.

Due to lack of a strong vocabulary, you may feel stuck and may not be able to express what is exactly on your mind.  Loss of words may make you feel hesitant and uncomfortable.  By appropriate usage of words, you develop self-esteem and self-confidence.  People regard you as a good speaker or writer when your choice and usage of words is appropriate.

To build your knowledge of words, reading habit is essential.  Read newspaper or important magazines.  Keep a dictionary handy whenever you are reading.  As soon as you come across a new word, look it up in the dictionary and find the meaning.  Do not postpone it.  If you keep accumulating words, you may find it boring and taxing to find the meaning of all words.

Reading the newspaper not only familiarizes you with the words, but also adds the knowledge of terminologies and words that are currently in use.  Vocabulary is not static.  New words are coined and reading paper will help you to know the meaning of these new terms.

Maintain a diary or book where you will record all the words and meanings that you have learnt.  Revise the words or list every week so that you do not forget it.

You can also play games in a group where a person will mention a word and you have to say a word beginning with the ending alphabet of the word told by the player before.  Another interesting way is to take vocabulary test or taking part in puzzles where your vocabulary skills are tested.

You can also carry a dictionary and choose to learn ten new words of each alphabet everyday.


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