How to Improve Your Handwriting

handwriting Though the world today runs by machines, students still now writes with pens and pencils. It is true that people are gradually forgetting how to write with pen and they are more comfortable with computers these days. However, the education system still now prefers pen and pencil to teach the students write properly with a legible handwriting.

Beautiful handwriting is an art that must be learned and practiced. Some people write nicely from the very first and some people take a little time to improve on their handwriting. When somebody praises your handwriting you definitely feel prod. So follow the steps below and improve your handwriting.

The first thing you need to do for improving your handwriting is to select a proper pen or rather a pencil on which you have control. Some pens are not good for practicing handwriting. Pencil is much better when you are practicing as pencils don’t have any ball on the top of it. So, you can have your own control and maintain a suitable speed on the pencil.

Then you have to choose a copy with lined pages. Ruled pages are good for practicing handwriting as you get a specific space to write within. So, all the letters you write become similar in shape and size. This is very important to make your handwriting look neat and clean.

Study the beautiful handwritings of your friends or your parents. Look why the writing looks good to you. What is the shape of the letters and what is the gap maintained between two words. Try to follow these basic rules while writing on your own. Make an image of that nice writing and imagine that type of writing whenever you write.

Take a sentence that is your favorite and write down that particular sentence again and again. It brings a great result while practicing handwriting. When you write for the first time it is ordinary. But when you start writing over and over again, you can watch the changes that appear in the later sentences.


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