How to improve iron intake

iron Iron is an essential mineral for the body.  Lack of iron can lead to reduction in the hemoglobin level and can cause low resistance to disease or viral and bacterial infections.  Lack of iron can make you feel dizzy, exhausted, tired, sleepy and reduce your stamina.  It makes your appearance pale too.  Lack of iron may also cause anemia, especially among women. 

To improve iron intake, you can either depend on natural food or consult a doctor for advising you about tonic or iron supplements.  Do not buy over the counter medicines.  Consult your family doctor, and only if there is a need to improve the iron content in your body, use the supplements.  Follow the prescription of the doctor, and do not rely on medicines suggested by a non medical person.

You can boost the iron intake by eating a healthy diet.  The key is to know which foods contain iron in plenty.  Beetroot is a vegetable you can rely on.  Include slices of boiled beetroot in your salad along with raw cucumber and tomatoes.  You can also grate beetroot and add it to yogurt.  Beetroot juice can also be beneficial.

Pomegranate is another fruit that improves the iron content.  Oranges, strawberry, grapes and banana are also iron boosting foods.  Peanuts, almonds, and dry fruits like raisins and dried fig are also natural foods containing healthy amounts of iron.

You can make a desert using banana and dry fruits.  Soak the almonds overnight and make a paste in the morning.  Mash the banana, add the almond paste to it and add honey and dry fruits to it.  It has a good taste and is a healthy snacking option.

Consume more of whole grains, cereals, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, lentils and red kidney beans.

Use freshly made orange or grapes juice for energy and rejuvenation, and limit the consumption of tea and coffee.


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