How to improve formal communication skill

formalcomunicationskills All living beings in this world communicate with each other. Communication is nothing but exchange of your thoughts, instructions or requests. Communication does not mean that it is vocal. Vocal is just one of the many channels of communication. Communication can be written, it can be physical expression, and even it can be silent. For example if some of your friend looses his father and you want to console him, your silence may show your care for him.

We all communicate through some media at various times, but when we talk about improving communication skill we specifically talk about formal communication, i.e. Speech in front of mass, Giving lecture on a topic infront of your colleagues, discussing with union from management side, Letters to your clients regarding a official matter etc.

Try to develop good listening habit
To become a good speaker you need to be a good listener first. So try to grow a habit of listening other’s points completely. In fact you will find many times that the point you are searching for are already told by others. Many times in argument, you may find a very strong point in favour of you is already present in opposition’s points. Also, if you listen to others, you will be able to analyse the matter better. It comes handy specially in managerial decision making, where you really need to listen to your colleagues’ points thoroughly to make a correct decision.

Try to use correct words and correct pitch
In formal communication it is very important to use correct words. A good speech or dialogue can be spoilt if a single word is wrong. Also during delivering a speech the pitching of the words are very important. Infact a simple speech can also be made very strong with correct pitching.

Try to study on the subject, if you get time
While going for a discussion or going for delivering a speech, try to study about the subject. It will increase your confidence. Knowledge always boosts our confidence level.

In formal communication your aim should be to deliver the points effectively. So your languages should be small, simple with very strong on the points you want. Formal communication is no literature, so it should not be elaborate.


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