How to Improve English Spelling

abc Anybody who wants to write good English cannot ignore spelling. Spelling is an integral part of any language. If you want to write correct English then you will also have to put stress on correct spelling. There are a few methods that you can follow to improve your perfection in spelling English words.

Learn the Rules

There are some rules in spelling that if kept in mind will prevent you from making mistakes. Some of these rules are guided by the grammar of the English language. Quite often you will find changes in tense, number, and parts of speech also affects the way a word is spelled. Moreover, there might be a different way of writing the same word in United States and in the United Kingdom. So, while writing a word note down which style of spelling you are going to follow.

Role of Confusion in Misspelling

The reasons behind making a spelling mistake can be the lack of knowledge about the spelling rules or confusing the word with another one that has the same pronunciation. This latter reason even confuses people who are otherwise quite good in spelling. There are words that may sound similar but are spelt in completely different way. The only way you can solve this problem is by knowing both the words and their meanings.


Writing is a good option to remember the spelling of a particular word. This will also help you to understand the meaning and usage of the word. Once you know how the word is used you might be able to write the right spelling. So, whenever you come across a new word note it down while spelling it aloud.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

These two come really handy in helping one to improve his or her spelling. Whenever you have confusion over a spelling of a particular word seek the help of either of these. You can also make it your hobby to learn new words and their spellings in your leisure time.

Pay Attention

Be an attentive reader whenever you are reading something note down the spelling of the words used in the book. This might slow down your reading at first but once this exercise becomes a habit with you will be able to do it while reading in your usual pace. This will ease your spelling problems to a large extent.

Play Games

You can also play memory games involving spelling with your friends or relatives. You can also play various word games. It is better to write down these words and this will help you check your spellings later. Keep a score and an increase in the score will be a sign of your improvement.

Word Origin

Another way to keep write correct spelling is to know the etymology of the word. Quite often it is origin of a word that decides how it should be spelled. Many dictionaries mention this aspect of a word. A word that is originally French will have a different spelling than the one coming from Italy.

Other Tricks

You can also try doing this exercise. Once you have made a spelling mistake then write down the word with the wrong spelling. Then write down the word with its correct spelling. You can also write down your observation of the cause that led to the misspelling. Finally do not forget to use the word in a sentence with its correct spelling. This final action will help you to remember the spelling for a long time.

Try these tips and you will see how much improvement you have made with your English spelling.


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