How to help your mother in household work

hhw Mothers have loads of responsibilities on them.  Apart from cooking, washing dishes, keeping the house clean, caring for all family members, they have to take the pressures and stress of their professional lives too.

Assistance from family members or children in household work will be very helpful and beneficial for them, especially for their health and happiness.

You can help you mother by being an active participant in the household work.  Take the initiative and responsibility for some work at home.  Keep your daily schedule in mind, and take up a work that you will do every day.  For example, you may take up the job of sweeping and wiping the floor every evening or you may choose to clean the utensils after dinner.

Thus some work can be taken up by you and also can be assigned to each member of the family, so that the work is divided equally and the burden on your mother is reduced.  At the same time, since the work is spread over all members, no member will feel too loaded and day to day household chores can be carried out smoothly and easily.

Help your mother in saving time.  For example, you can help her in cutting and sorting the vegetables for cooking, so that your mother wont have to spend additional time in cutting vegetables.  Similarly, if your mother has finished cooking, you can offer to wipe the cooking surface, kitchen etc so that the kitchen is neat and clean.

You will also reduce the work load on your mother by doing your work by yourself.  You can clean your own clothes, handkerchiefs, socks etc.  Wash your bathroom and toilet once a week.  Keep your bedroom and cupboard clean.

Those of you who are extremely busy and do not really find time for contributing to the household effort, can help your mother by arranging for services of a maid.

Give your mother an off on Sundays, so that she can be relaxed and can take out time for herself.  You can help yourself and the family by learning to cook, using ready to serve food or by ordering food from a hotel.


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