How to help your friends

hgf A friend in need is a friend indeed.  Friends are one of the most important sources and support systems we rely upon in times of difficulty.  Having good and worthwhile friends is a blessing as they help us to tide smoothly in rough times. 

Friends add a lot of value to life by being there when you need them and by their help, understanding and acceptance of you.

Helping friends in times of need is an important hallmark of a good friend.  It not makes the relation strong and enhances the bond, but also adds to satisfaction and contentment of being of help and doing something good for others.  There are many ways you can help your friends.

Remember, friends may not directly ask you upfront for help.  It is for you to be proactive, interested and alert, so that will know if your friends are in need of help and assistance.  While having conversations with them, try to read between the lines to check whether everything is just as okay and fine as they sound.

Hearing and listening out sometimes is a great help.  Sometimes people just want to be heard, understood, valued and respected for the way they are.  Your role as a friend would be to let them express their anguish, disappointment, confusions, anger etc without passing unnecessary comments or judgments.  For a friend who wants to empty his/her heart, listening and empathizing with them is a welcome help.

You can also help your friends with their jobs or studies.  If you notice that one of your friends has a difficulty coping with any subject, take them along for group studies.  Do not make it very apparent that you are trying to help them.  Just make the studying part interactive and interesting by discussion, brainstorming etc, so that the friend gets a better understanding of the subject.

If your friend needs a job, help them to register with various online job portals, refer them to employers you know, check out for vacancies in your own organization, get in touch with other friends who are employed and so on.  You can help your friend working in your organization by solving doubts or helping with the workload in case of emergency.

If any of your friends is in need of money, and if you are well off, you may like to help them by offering to give money at terms comfortable to them.


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