How to help your father

huf Fathers play the role of the head of the family and shoulder many responsibilities.  They have to fend for the family, make the family financially secure, help in repairs and maintenance at home, deal with the banks and also have to secure their profession by working hard and putting in a lot of effort and time at workplace.

The professional and personal commitments are a huge responsibility.  With help from you and family members, small burdens (that are still a concern for the father) can be reduced, and will decrease the pressure, stress and tension these things create.

Take the initiative to learn new things and help around.  In many cases, fathers deal with paying the electricity bill, paying the telephone bills, depositing cheques at the bank, updating the pass book etc.  These are relatively simpler tasks that you can do too.

By learning these processes, you will not only save your father’s time and reduce the burden on your father, but will also get knowledge about the way these systems operate.  Such practical knowledge comes handy later on in life.  It will also reduce the dependency on your father.

You can help in earning your own pocket money or adding to the family income by taking up part time jobs.  This way you will create a confidence among your parents that you are a responsible person and can be trusted by money.

You can also help your father by arranging his wardrobe, maintaining files and papers in a correct and orderly fashion, polishing shoes etc.  You can also be of help in household work.  For example, if your father operates the washing machine, you can learn to operate it.  Or after the machine work is done, you can put the clothes to dry and take it for ironing.

You can also help your father in tending the lawn or garden, and washing your father’s car or bike.


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