How to help your child to manage time well

timemanage Like adults, children also have many things to do.  Though they do not have commitments like adults, they have their own set of work and activities to be done daily.  Time management is as important for children as for adults. 

As parents, you need to show them the way to manage their time well, so that they can accommodate all their activities during the day.  It helps them to live a fuller and happy life, without compromising on their health and well-being.

To help your kids manage time, start making a timetable daily.  Divide their time between school, homework, play time, hobby classes etc.  Make the child a participant in this process, so that the child can tell you how much time they intend to give to each activity.  When you find that the balance is disproportionate, help them to change it.

Make the time table a day before, so that the kid knows what is in store for the next day.  This way the child will be mentally prepared to take on all those activities the next day.

By making a timetable, you will enable the child to divide time properly between each subject.  By leaving time for activities like hobby class or play time or T.V. time, the child will make an effort to stick to the time table for studies, as he/she knows there is time for fun and enjoyment too.

Slowly you can encourage the kid to draft his/her own list or timetable.  By a certain age kids are able to decide their priorities, they can gauge how much time will each assignment or homework take, how much time is needed to prepare for a test etc.  At that stage you can just play the supervisor role or help the child if he/she feels stuck.

Inculcating discipline and punctuality among kids will also them in managing their time better.


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