How To Help Someone With Depression

hsw Depression is a mental affliction. It is treated using a range of medical and psychiatric procedures. It is a condition that brings about sweeping changes in a person’s attitude, outlook, and perception. Depression is characterized by a consistently low mood.

The other indicators are very low morale and self-esteem. Depressed people are not outgoing, sociable, and are not interested in virtually anything. If left untreated or unattended to depression can prove to be fatal.


– Social environment / factors
– Psychological reasons
– Biological factors
– Genetic predisposition
– Substance abuse
– Alcoholism


– Feelings of ineptness
– Lack of self-worth
– Not assured or excited by appreciation from others
– Frequent hallucinations and feelings of hopelessness
– Unprovoked crying
– Regular talks about suicide or showing suicidal behavior
– Overeating or under eating

How to help a person with depression

– If a person whom you know seems to have depression, then you have to pull up your sleeves and try to help that person. Depressed people seldom have the willpower to help themselves. Start of by trying to do a little research on the subject of depression. Understand the person’s problem. Try to analyze how you can create a workaround of that person’s problem.

– Get the person medically treated. Provide help in regular intake of medication.

– Take the person out for a movie, dinner, picnic etc. Regularly highlight the person’s strong points. Talk about the person’s good qualities / talents in front of others. Market that person in front of others in a positive way.

– Try to talk to the person as much as you can. Depressed people can have difficulty opening up. Take the person into confidence. Build your trust in him / her. Understand the problem, and try giving solutions.

– Try to get the person to exercise and sleep more.

– Try to make the person do things that he or she does best. If the person likes driving, then arrange for a long driving trip. If the person likes narrating things, then make time for you to hear the narration.


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