How to Help Others

helpother We all cannot be Mother Teressa, but we can at least nurture the selflessness that exists inside us. When you help someone in need, you feel a unique kind of satisfaction that never comes from any other activity. In today’s world of technologies, human beings have become almost machines who don’t have hearts and emotions.

We all run after money and some selfish goals of life. But, we must practice selflessness and stretch our helping hands towards the needy people. Here are some basic points discussed about how to help others with whatever you have. Check out the suggestions and live a better life that is more peaceful and satisfying.

1. Listen to the friend who is depressed. Sit with him and pay heed to his words. Let him talk freely with you and feel lighter. When somebody is depressed or sad, you should never bestow solutions to him. Rather you should let him share his sorrow so that he feels much better after being open.

2. If you see a blind person or an old person attempting to cross the road. You should go ahead and help him. First ask him about his destination and which side of the road he wants to reach. Then take him to that side and wait for the public vehicle that would take him to his destination. Generally people feel sorry for those aged persons attempting to cross the road and go on with their own life.

3. You should always contribute some amount of money for the poor people especially the poor children who can’t afford to study and don’t even get enough food. You should keep aside a small amount of money from your income and contribute that money to some social work organization such as NGOs and all. These organizations help those poor people and fulfill their basic needs. You can also become a part of such organization and help those needy people directly.


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