How to help children during exams

childexam Children find exams to be a highly strenuous situation to be in.  Children who are well prepared still suffer tension, anxiety and panic, due to the uncertainty and suspense of the exams. 

There is also fear of failure, expectations of parents, fear of teachers and peer pressure, which adds to the pressure and stress.  It can be a mentally taxing situation for kids.  The best we can do is to help them to relax, and make them feel positive about their preparation and success.

Do not use threat to make kids study.  Children may feel tired or restless after a paper and may not resume studies sooner for the next paper.  Allow them some time to overcome the stress and exhaustion.  Let them to take a short nap or watch television or cartoon programmes.

Be with them so that they do not feel all alone in this situation.  Your support and assistance are very valuable.  Take their studies.  Praise them and encourage them when they give correct answers.  If they do not answer to something, try giving hints to help them recall the answer.

If the child is unable to answer to you, do not berate or scold the child.  Never say things like ‘what have you studied?’,  ‘I doubt that you will do well’, ‘why can’t you answer this?’ etc.  Never scold them or beat them up in delicate moments like these.

Do your best to help the child memorize the answers.  Make them repeat the answers many times and ask about it after some time again, so that it registers in their mind.

Do not compare your kid to other kids.  Do not praise the other kids and indicate to your child that you do not think so highly of them.  Never say things like ‘your friends are so well prepared’, ‘you should get top marks this time’, ‘you have to do the papers well’, ‘you have to come first’ etc.  Do not pressurize them with your expectations.

See to it that the child gets adequate rest, relaxation, sleep and healthy, nutritious food during exams.


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