How to Help an Alcoholic

alcohlic Do you have a friend or loved one who’s an alcoholic? You probably are looking for tips on how you can help an alcoholic and what you can do to make things better for him/her. Alcoholismis a disease that needs to be treated. But the truth is that no one can directly change the behavior of a person with drinking problems; the person himself/herself has to take charge of it.

Here are a few tips however on how you can help an alcoholic cope with alcoholism.

The first and foremost point you must keep in mind while trying to help an alcoholic is that if you try to manipulate or threaten the person, you’ll only drive him/her deeper into isolation and alcoholism. Thus you’ll experience nothing but absolute powerlessness and a loss of control. Instead, you can gain control by focusing on your own behavior and the way you interact with the person facing drinking problems.

It’s not easy to convince an alcoholic to quit drinking, but not impossible altogether. Pledge your support in the best way possible, and let them know that you’ll be with them at every step if they stop drinking.

It can be equally difficult to get someone to agree to treatment for alcoholism. Such treatments use both medication and counseling to help an alcoholic get over drinking problems.  Gather information about alcoholism treatment options in your community and tell the alcoholic clearly how such programs can help him/her. If the person still refuses to get help, call on a family member or close friend of his/her to discuss the issue.

Maintain an attitude of tolerance and non-judgment while trying to deal with alcoholism problems. Remember, though you cannot get an alcoholic person sober, yet your role is vital in ridding him/her of the drinking problem. Weigh out your options for handling the situation depending on your relationship with the problem drinker or the alcoholic.

Finally, do not get disheartened if your help doesn’t seem to bear fruit. After all, for an addiction like alcoholism to be cured completely, the victim himself/herself must seek actual help and work on it.


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