How to have the husband’s name altered after marriage?

hw In this world where males are ruling it, women are now taking steps that were once not thought could be done.

They are gaining strength and confidence in themselves and also are standing on their own feet, to run the family.

She is now so less than the male of the house. She is also the earning wheel of the house. This post-feminism world is now allowing the women to get their husband’s name changed once they are married. Women generally take their husbands name after they are married to them.

But for the one who wish to have a family with just one name that means with no hyphens, then following are the steps that will help you in doing so. The documents that you might require are the marriage certificate, the birth certificate, and the social security’s form for name change. And last but not the least a little patience.



Your first step is to collect your Marriage Certificate (certified copy)  and birth certificate (official copy) and of course your passport.


Now you have to get the Forms in order to change your name at this site: You also need your parents social security no. and also names at the time of birth.


The social security agent will then take the form to check documents, and then make the change to card at the last name.


After this in case you are not changing your middle name then the new security card would then arrive in two weeks. But for the middle name you need to go to the court. Now take new card to DMV of your locality and get your name changed on to the driver’s license. It is crucial and would be like a proof for the credit card and bank work.


Now you can go about changing your name according to the new card like your passport or travel documents, the retirement fund or other investments even on your networking sites.


Lastly send name change card for the announcement to the family and friends.

Bhrat Brij

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