How to have faith

hfi1 Having faith in yourself is essential to achieve success.  Faith also helps in removing self-doubt, over dependence on others for our problems and unnecessary tension and stress caused by thinking of our inability to deal to certain situations.  With faith you can manage to take control of your affairs, and feel courageous and bold to deal with various challenges of life.

When you lack faith, ask yourself why.  You may not have faith in your abilities because of poor self-image, comments by others, fear, lack of knowledge or guidance and so on.  Explore these reasons or any other individual reasons, and try to sort it out.  For example, if you do not have the faith that you will clear a certain exam, the reason may be that there is lack of preparation, lack of guidance or motivation or irrational fear.

Preparation can help you to overcome the doubt or feeling of inadequacy.  Take time and effort to learn and gain knowledge.  Talk to people and get more ideas.

Think back about times that you faced situations that you felt were very difficult, and you overcame it successfully.  It can be a good morale booster and will remind you of your ability to do well.  Do not underestimate yourself and your achievements.  Value your past experience and learn from it.

If there has been a failure in the past, you may lose hope and faith in yourself.  Do not take it as an end.  Sit back and think what you could have done better.  Improvise, strategize and learn from it, so that you will succeed the next time.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.  For example, if you get thoughts like ‘I will fail’, ‘I cannot succeed’, ‘I do not trust myself’ etc, close your eyes and repeat the exact opposite of the negative words.  Writing down the positive thoughts can also help to overcome the negative feelings.


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