How to have beautiful eyebrows?

shi Eyebrows certainly define your face and give a proper framing to your eyes. And your confidence out of a good appearance will grow only with well groomed eyebrows. If you want yourself to look good before others be it in a social gathering or on a normal day, take care of the following very few things.

Tweezing: Always have a tweezers handy so that you don’t run here and there wondering what could be done to groom your eyebrows. Tweezers are normally used to remove any hair that lies outside the natural shape of your brow. Start tweezing from underneath the brows and then reach up to the top.

Always remember to pull the hairs along the direction of growth. Let your hands work for this swiftly but with care. Do not pull out hair that is within the shape of the brow that can give a good definition. Have a small mirror handy so that you can check if both eyebrows are groomed uniformly giving a balanced look.

Brushing your brow: Using a good brow brush you can brush your eyebrow giving it a proper direction. Always brush it upward and outward. For a groomed look keep the brow brush in your make up kit so that you never forget to brush your brows before you go out.

Using eye brow pencil: Using a good eye brow pencil, fill in all the gaps that you find in between the eyebrows. Start by giving light and smooth strokes so that you do not end up in a drawn up and artificial looking eye brows. Give stroke from the bottom side of the eyebrows towards the upper side. After you do the necessary filling, you can blend it well using the brow brush again.

Follow the above steps to make the best impression of you and your looks.


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