How to have a healthy mind

healthymind A person who has developed his/her mental capacities can live a long, happy and peaceful life.  A healthy mind leads to a healthy body and soul.  By having a healthy mind, you can channelise your thoughts in the positive direction and get what you want.  Mind power is immensely valuable, and can help you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Our current lifestyle is filled with worries, roaming thoughts, lack of peace and focus, confusion, anxiety and so on.  Our mind floats between the failures of our past and the threat of our future.  This worrying, anxiety and constant flow of troubled thoughts creates a heavy burden on the mind.

Due to this reason, the mind becomes dull, passive, drained out, numb and negative.  We become what we think.  We lose our enthusiasm, happiness, positive spirit and the joy of day to day living.  Keeping our mind healthy is as important as physical fitness.

Relaxing the mind is very important.  Our body needs relaxation and rest, and by sleeping this need gets fulfilled.  However, even when we sleep our mind does not get relaxed, as the mind works unconsciously and we also get dreams.  Therefore, we need to take an effort to bring about a state of relaxation.

This can be done by certain yogic exercises or by meditation.  The idea is to make the mind concentrate on one particular sign or symbol.  By concentrating, the mind loses track of all other thoughts and concerns, and gets relaxed.

Another method is to keep the mind blank.  Imagine that you are looking at a vast vacant space, say the blue sky or the plain black space.  Let the mind just hang on the vacant picture.  No thoughts or objects should enter the mind or divert it.  By keeping the mind vacant, the mind will get recharged.

Another trick to get a healthy mind is to fill it with positive thoughts.  Close your eyes, repeat positive words to yourself and let the mind fully concentrate on it.  This leads to an energetic and positive mind.


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