How to Hang Pictures

hangg There is famous saying: “out of sight, out of mind.” Photos are the best way to keep the memories alive. In this century, though the technology has developed a lot, there is no substitute for photos. Hanging pictures on walls has its own charm. Hanging pictures on a wall is not an easy task. Here are a few tips to hang picture frames.

Procedure to hang pictures:

1. Decide which wall you want to hang pictures. Pictures look better when hung from wall beams than the wallboard.

2. Mark a point on the wall, with a pencil marker, where you want to hang the picture.

3. Hammer the hook on the marked spot.

4. Hang your picture and adjust properly. Be sure that the picture is hung straight.

Some important tips:

a) Always hang pictures at eye level, i.e., 5’6’’ above floor, so that they can be properly seen.

b) In drawing rooms, dining areas, offices or other places to sit, picture frames should be hung at the seated eye level.

c) Groups of pictures look more appealing than a single picture.

d) If you hang a group of pictures, leave sufficient space (about 3-5 inches) on each side.

e) You can highlight the photos with the help of soft lighting. The light should not be very dark and shouldn’t produce glare.

f) Rotation of pictures keeps the interest live.

g) Replace the faded /blurred pictures.

h) In small areas, hanging pictures in horizontal line makes the wall look larger. On the other hand, hanging pictures in vertical line tends to give an illusion of height.

i) An odd number of small frames hung together creates a better visual interest.

j) Color of mats of pictures is also an important factor. Dark mats look nice on light walls while light mats look better on darker walls.

k) If possible, hang the pictures away from direct sunlight. This will avoid fading of pictures.

l) In place of nails, if you use picture hooks, the weight of the picture will be redistributed.

m) If you are planning to hang a few pictures together, hang one picture in the center.


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