How to guard your e-business from hackers and online imposters?

oim Internet has expanded the horizons of e-commerce, yet there is one major obstacle namely working towards feasible solutions to handle frauds committed by credit card imposters. Lack of face to face contact and verification procedure has literally shattered the trust of the customers making online purchases.

Credit cards are subjected to misuse by criminals through online transactions as they can easily fake identities and escape from the clutches of the law.

Here are some instructions to make your online payments more safe and secure:

Step 1- Upload a return policy on your website besides disclaimer clause. This can be used as legal evidence to prove that consumer had agreed to pay the charges related to the purchases made by him or her. This also shows that you did not act irresponsibly on your part.

Step2- Since the merchandise is sent after receiving the payment, get some information about where the goods are to be delivered i.e. the mailing address. Such information plays a key role in tracking online criminals.

Step3 – Dispatch merchandise using the services of reputed competent carriers so that goods should reach without fail with in stipulated time frame. Professional carriers are expert at delivery of goods and thus the chances of missing goods in shipping process are minimized. Though they may be slightly expensive yet their services are worth it as you may not end up paying heavy compensation for lawsuits relating to non delivery.

Step4 – Collaborate with a competent billing agency which can take care of your online payments. Their services may be slightly costly thus you need to evaluate your priorities and budget.

Step5 – when faced with a slightest doubt, immediately contact your allied banker to verify the details of account number or address on the credit card. Maintain separate database of credit cards which are failed to pass through the verification for legal as well as future reference.

Bhrat Brij

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