How to grow tomatoes

tp Tomatoes are one of the most important ingredients of most dishes. It is hard to imagine the kitchen without this very versatile vegetable. Well, there are still debates whether to classify tomato as a fruit or a vegetable. In fact, tomatoes were not used in cooking till about 100 years back.

Tomatoes, the scientific name of which is Solanum lycopersicum, were merely treated as ornamental plants earlier. People believed that tomatoes were poisonous. Growing profusely in Mexico, Spanish priests brought the plants to Europe.

Soon, tomatoes came to be cultivated in Italy and Spain. Now, tomatoes are used in a wide range of food items, from pizza toppings to the indispensable ketchup – tomatoes have become one of the most sought after must-haves in the kitchen list.

It can be the ideal kitchen garden plant. Imagine how nice it would be to get fresh, juicy tomatoes right from your backyard. That too, with the certainty of being wholesome and organic, for most farmers use excessive fertilizers and pesticides while producing the crop. It is very easy to grow tomatoes. It is a perennial plant, and can be grown all year round.

It is herbaceous. The plant will often climb as a vine if so maneuvered. It grows up to one to three meters in ideal conditions. These small plants flourish in well drained soil. They need ample sunlight and must be watered regularly. Even raw tomatoes can be used in a number of tomato  recipes.


Tomato is packed with Vitamin C and several minerals. It is prescribed to night blindness patients. Tomato juice is also preferred as an ideal health juice. One can get rid of pimple marks and get a fair, glowing skin by applying tomato juice or pulp on the face. Conversely, you can also rub a slice of tomato on your face and wash it off with cold water.


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