How to Grow Orchid

orchids Orchid is a beautiful plant and growing it in your garden will definitely be a satisfying experience for you. It is not too difficult to take care of orchid. All you need to do is to take care of a few things. However, please remember that orchids may not bloom well in all kinds of climatic conditions. Do a check if the weather of your country is conducive to orchid plantation. Now, let us take a look at the list of dos that will help your orchids blossom.


Make sure your orchid is getting enough exposure to sunlight. We all know the importance of sun in the life of a plant. However, you will also need to protect it from the scorching heat, so also keep a watch on this aspect. There are some orchids that would flower under low light.


Buy the right type of fertilizer for your orchid. This is a source of nutrients for them. Before using the fertilizer make sure that you have diluted it well enough. Remember, orchid fertilizers should be diluted more than those applied on other plants. Please do not waste your money by fertilizing orchid in midwinter. This is a season when you would not get good results. These plants only bloom in particular seasons. You should also avoid the use of fertilizer after repotting them.


Humidity is another important factor for the growth of orchid. You will get good results if you can sprinkle some water on orchids. Generally the ideal level humidity that tropical orchids need is about 60 to 80 percent.

Medium for Orchid Growth

This will generally depend on the variety of orchid that you are growing. There are some orchids that prefer soil but there are some that show better results in the contact of air. This second feature can be seen in many tropical orchids. These are called epiphytes. Orchids belonging to the first group include paphiopedilums. No matter where they grow it is important that they get good supply of both air and water. These two components will help them grow. Their roots should also get some support.


This again will depend on the nature of the orchid. It is better to water them sparingly. It is best if you can water them once in every week. Orchid roots cannot tolerate excess of water. That is why planters often suggest that giving a weeklong gap in between watering will help orchid roots to soak the water.

Growing Orchids from Seed

It is better not to try this because it will take too much time. It needs special environment for orchids to grow from seeds. You cannot do this unless you have to make sure that the medium is gelatinous and has all necessary nutrients important for the plant’s growth. In these cases it may take almost eight years for these orchids to bloom. You will need to do all these because these seeds cannot store nutrients unlike those of other plants.

We hope these guidelines will help you see a perfect bloom in your orchid. It will be a memorable experience.


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