How to grow money plant

mp For someone who wants greenery in his apartment without putting in many efforts, money plant is the ideal bet. This vine will thrive like anything and its bright, green and yellow leaves which have a characteristic heart shape, look very fresh and charming. A pot of money plant also does well indoors for a stretch of 4-5 days. However, you will have to keep it outside in the sun for another week or so.

Money plant cuttings take root very easily and you can even cut a vine that has lots of nodal roots to it and plant it in a medium-sized pot. Conversely, the cutting kept in a flask or an empty glass bottle filled with water also grows very well. This looks very nice in the living room too, because the plant will keep growing healthily if it is given enough natural light and kept somewhere near a window.

Originally a native of South Asia, the scientific name of this plant is Epipremnum aureum. Other names are Silver vine, Devil’s Ivy, Soloman Islands Ivy, etc. It can grow either in shade or sunlight. The coloration of the leaves depends on the light it gets. If it is kept out in the sun, the leaves are of the typical green and yellow mix. However in shades, the color is often in the shades of a darker green.

The plant can be grown in medium sized pots. Give it a good mix of organic manure and compost for best results. If growing it in a garden patch, make sure that it gets support to climb up. It can even twine around trees. Plants potted in small containers can also be hung up from window sills. It needs to be watered regularly for ideal results. However, the plant is very hardy and will resist neglect for a longer duration that other fragile plants.


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