How to grow fall mum

Come fall and fall mums spread color all round the garden. China is the native land of fall mums. This photo-tropic plant’s life cycle is largely affected by bright sunny day-hours. As the days start becoming shorter in fall months, the flowering starts for mum. To keep it blooming, greenhouses manipulate light control.

Blooming Fall Mum Flower
Mum blooms in almost every colour with an exception of blue. Horticulture has produced many interesting hybrid forms like cushion, spiders, buttons, decorative and spoon-petal.

Decorative Purpose
Mums can decorate your home as hanging baskets, bedding plants or in containers. They also adorn gardens, usually enjoy being at the centre of a lawn.
Growing Fall Mums
Fall mums are tricky. You can pamper them in sunlight. To make them grow tall and leggy, you need to put them in shade.

In Summers
Fall mums demand regular watering in summers, at least twice a week.

In Spring
Feed fall mums with compost in early spring for healthy growth.

Improve flowering
As soon as they grow 12-15 inches in early spring, cut them short to 6-8 inches. This will induce more shoots, ensuring bushing. This is good for flowering as more shoots means more of flowers.
In case you let them grow to natural 18 inches height, they will grow to a height of 3-foot. Thus, there will be less shoots and bushes, and flowering will only be at the top.

In winters
Let the fall mums overwinter in your garden. In spring season, move them back to a sunny spot.

Dig and move fall mums in spring. You will also notice sapling around the main plants. You can pulled off these saplings, provided they have reasonable roots. Just a bit of care and they’ll fully grow into plants in fall season. Ensure adequate care and timely watering  for healthy growth.


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