How to grow and take care of medicinal plants

plantt There are many medicinal plants which are very easy to grow. They do not require much space or constant care either. Here’s how you can grow some common medicinal plants.

Aloe vera- Aloe vera cures various skin problems, is used on cuts and wounds and even helps soothes burns. A pot of a healthy plant in your garden or flat will come very handy.

Here’s what you need to grow Aloe:

In a garden, a patch with rich soil and good drainage is more than enough. Without proper drainage, there is a danger that the roots may rot. Water it once a week, or if you stay in hotter climates, just make sure the soil is not patched for long intervals at a stretch.

If growing in a flat, select a pot with more than 12 inch diameter and about 10 inch depth. Ensure good drainage and use rich soil, with some sand and pebbles mixed with it. Ensure that it has sunlight at least for some part of the day, if staying in a flat.

Holy basil- This is another low maintenance plant with an innumerable stock of medicinal properties that can be used to soothe a host of ailments. The leaves are used to cure sore throat, cough and cold, aid digestion and even cure bad breath. It also lends a special flavor to tea. The leaves lend an exotic flavor to meats too.

Here’s what you need to grow the plant:

It can flourish even in a small pot, but for better growth, the bigger the pot, the better. You can get it easily from a local nursery. If you wish, you can even get hold of seeds and sow these just below the soil surface. Many good online sites promise a swift delivery of these seeds. Once the seeds germinate, water regularly, as all the plant needs is enough sunlight and adequate water. In summers, you may give the plant some shade or the leaves may wilt away.

Mint- Mint aids in digestion, a drink of crushed mint with a dash of lemon helps soothe a bad stomach, acidity and is an excellent seasoning agent. It lends a special, tangy flavor to dishes, especially to meat.

Mint does well both in sunlight and shade. If growing in a garden, be careful, for once the plant takes root; it may actually run havoc like weeds. The plants are very easily got at a local nursery. Alternatively, seeds are also available, even from online shops. Provide rich soil, with compost to ensure good drainage. Water regularly and twice a year, treat with manure like bone meal. If the sun is too harsh, provide shade to the plant.

March 10, 2009


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