How to groom your personality?

gpr They say first impression is the last impression. This makes one’s personality an asset which can be exploited to the greatest advantage of the individual to set him or her apart in a crowd. An ideal example that can be cited in this regard is that of tall, slim, good looking models.

Be it cosmetics, clothes, electronic gadgets or any other product, people having such appealing attributes tend to influence the minds of the consumers. But personality does not only entail physical beauty, it also encompasses inner qualities such as wit, language proficiency, friendliness, leadership etc. as well.

A well groomed personality is bound to make heads turn in his or her direction and create a powerful presence. It is all the more essential for business owners to groom themselves to influence clients in order to gain business.

Personality can be groomed to a desired extent if one has the determination to work towards it.

Read the instructions given below to bring about a desired change in your personality:

1.    Take a look at your image in the mirror. Just say “What a great creation!”

2.    Maintain a cheerful disposition all the while you can. A smile can go miles. There is also a scientific reason behind this fact. While a smile requires only 17 muscles, a frown uses 43 muscles. So the bottom line, smile comes easy and spreads about positive vibes.

3.    Try to stay busy in activities that could enhance your personality. Participate in speeches, debates to improve your communication skills. Games like chess can enhance your foresight and spatial abilities.

4.    Play games on a regular basis to have a fit physique. This is a must because a healthy mind resides in healthy body.

5.    Take the help of professionals who can do a make-over with your hair style, wardrobe, gait and posture to give you a complete new look that complements your body form.

Bhrat Brij

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