How to Go For Letter Writing

Today, the whole world is being ruled by computer and internet. You wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night and in between you do something or the other related to the computer and internet. People don’t write letters anymore as there are more advanced facilities like e-mails and mobile phones. So why should they sit with a paper and a pen, which might not have ink sometimes?

However, some people don’t think that way! And probably you are one of them as you are reading this article. So, if you love to write with your own hands, check out the tips below on writing letters to your near and dear ones and let the art of letters writing live longer.

Write long letters to your loved ones who are living far from you. Though you can also send them e-mails and keep in touch, that is not enough sometimes. When you need to communicate much deeper feelings and emotions, letter writing you help you. You take your time and write those long letters to your loved one giving all the details which you want to share with him. You can even take 2 or 3 days to finish a letter. It’s up to you. Nobody is here to stop you.

When you receive a letter from someone close, its feels really good. Doesn’t it? You check the letter box everyday outside your home and the day you see an envelope, it makes your day. Similarly, your loved one will also feel happy when he will see your letter. A letter conveys many emotions and not just a few words.  Send a sweet flower or just a petal of rose with your letter and make it more precious.

Another beautiful aspect of letter writing is that you can keep your letters with your for ever. No mechanical malfunction can damage your letters. You can carry the letters with you wherever you wish.


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