How to go about a detoxification diet?

detox Your diet, and your daily ingestion of protein rich food makes your body begin to store up all the toxins which are produced during the digestion of food, and which have not been removed by the body.  After some time, this effect starts to show up on your body in the shape of bloating, and other side effects, which means that your body still has some toxins in it.

There are plenty of natural ways to detoxify the body, out of which I am listing a few down below.

The moment you wake up in the morning, drink a whole liter of water, (without even brushing your teeth.)  Of course, this sounds very impossible, but this is the best way to get rid of all the toxins in the best natural way to clear up your systems.  Within half an hour, you would want to go to the bathroom.

By the way, this also happens to be the best natural way  to prevent a hangover, keep alternating your drinks with lots of glasses of water to dilute  the effect of the alcohol, and make sure that you do not have a hangover, which is the result of the body getting dehydrated.

In a week’s time, not only are you going to see a glow onto your skin, but you are going to see yourself shedding a lot of weight. By the way, this detoxification method was told to me by a model friend of mine, who never drank much alcohol without alternating it with water.

Now for complete detoxification, you have to go on the fruit and vegetables diet, and the best way to do this is get fresh fruit and vegetables if you’re lucky enough to have them. The ones you get in the market, happen to have lots of chemicals on them and very few of them are grown organically.

Use these fruit and vegetables in salads, raw and in juices. The ancients live for more than 300 years because they ate so many fruits and vegetables as well as lentils to get the protein required.  Meat diet was very rare, and restricted to only the prosperous people.  So cut down on meat.

Bhrat Brij

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