How to give the best make up for your green eyes

greenn If you want to beautify your green eyes, choose the best eye make that brings out the charm of your eyes. The natural color of your eyes is the god’s gift to you that steals much of attraction. The eye make- up plays an important role in making a wonderful face. Below are a few steps that you can keep in mind when you choose the eye make up to bring out the beauty of your own eyes.

• Choose the right eye shadow: Eye shadow holds a major portion in the eye make up. Usually people go for shades that suit their dresses. But it should be noted that you can beautify your green eyes with the right shades like golds, coppers, browns, bronzes, peaches, medium pinks, deeper greens and purples, mauves, apricots, lilacs, etc. Of course these are the best choices of eye shadow for your green eyes. Avoid cool shades like silvers, blues, silvery white or white as they will only take away the green in you.

• Use the right eyeliner: Eye liners in browns, bronzes or golds will help you give the best make up for your green eyes. If you do not have a particular interest in black, it is better to be avoided as it would not give you a softer look. But use of eyeliner truly is advised as it defines your eyes and shows up.
• Choose the right skin tone: If you are keen on having the best make up for your green eyes, also be careful of the skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone and green eyes, go for shades like medium purple or pinkish brown. If you have a medium skin tone and green eyes, try shades like brownish pink, mauves and medium purple. And if you have a dark skin tone and a green eye, try colors like bronze, medium purple and mauve. Definitely it makes difference.


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