How to give a speech using visual aids?

vai1 Audio visual aids are useful tools used to enhance the grasping ability of the listeners during a formal or informal presentation. These audio visual equipments trigger several sense organs at a time and thus speed up information download.

The choice of appropriate instrument may range from white board, overhead projector, LCD or a computer depending on your budget, nature of content to be delivered and strength of the audience. They assist to make the speech more audible, clear and memorable making the presentation more effective.

Go through the tips given below before you decide on a particular audio or Visual Aid for your business presentation:

Step1 – Use graphs, pie charts, bars graphs or pictographs to present numerical data related to trends over a period of time. They facilitate better understanding of comparison, rising or falling trend, increase or decrease of business economics.

Step2 – Make use of a computer or an LCD where you wish to use 3 dimensional images for clarifying certain aspects. For e.g.; the molecular structure of a medicine to curb microbial infection can be easily portrayed through these electronic media.

Step3 – You can also procure a handy overhead projector or OHP for making presentations more interactive. Some advantages which make it the favorite among entrepreneurs are portability, easy to use, economy and low maintenance.

Step4 – Use charts or white board to convey information about the organizational structure, levels of authority or inter departmental relationship etc. This is suitable when the number of audience is quite small.

Step5 – Prepare flowcharts giving details of business procedures such as grievance settlement to show the step by step system.

Step6 – take advantage of slide presentation when you have given key textual information to a fairly large audience. OHP would not be useful in this case as it becomes ineffective for a larger crowd.

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