How to get your men to work in the house?

maw There was a time when the job of the men folk was to make sure that they brought in the bacon after a hard day’s work at the office, and the women folk make sure that they came home to a happy home and hearth.

Even in this supposedly sophisticated era of the 21st century, there are plenty of males out there who are under the impression that the jurisdiction of the kitchen and house work is a totally feminine bastion. A recent survey has shown that women spend about double the time that men do on doing domestic chores.

Cooking as well as the preparation of food takes up most of the time of a woman, because a man is quite capable of surviving upon canned goods, bread and pizzas.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested to make sure that there is a balance between the males and the females of the species in terms of housework, you have to change the mentality of the males in your house in the systematic manner-

1.    Give starter orders: If you’re the one who is cooking up a gourmet supper, and doing all the washing up, because he is watching TV with his cronies, think again.

2.    Before you start whining that he doesn’t help around the house, check out your facts and then allocate the different jobs accordingly.

3.    Work out exactly who does what and how long each job takes. This can be done by keeping a record for a couple of weeks to get the full picture.

4.    Don’t jump to conclusions, for all you know the times he may have had helped out while doing household  chores may actually have  helped you save time and energy,

5.    You need to have a talk: If he is the quintessential male brought up by a mother who was willing to wait on him hand and foot, and apart  from your nagging, which he blocks out quite thoroughly, do pick your moment and let him know the exact score. Do not get confrontational! Tell him that you’re definitely not going to stand for his I won’t work in the house, I am a man attitude!

Bhrat Brij

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