How to Get Young and Soft Feet

feet Our feet are often the most neglected parts of our body. If your feet tend to look dry, dull, and unattractive then there is no need to lose heart. You can learn how to get young and soft feet and find out some tips to ensure that your feet look as glamorous as you. Try to prevent your feet from becoming dry and rough.

You will not be able to make your feet look beautiful and young only by applying nail polish. You have to take care of your feet regularly. As you grow older your feet can become dry, get discolored, and develop calluses. Thus, every year the problems tend to get worse. You can seek the help of these easy solutions to repair the damage done to your feet.

Combat Dryness with Foot Cream

Your feet are prone to becoming very dry because they do not have many oil glands. Thus, you have to ensure that you keep your feet properly hydrated by applying a nice foot cream just after you finish taking a bath. Make sure that your feet are still damp. This will help in restoring the softness. Your body lotion will not work for your feet. You need special foot creams, which have heavy formulas.

Some foot creams are also good for exfoliating the thick later of dead cells. In case the skin on your feet becomes excessively rough then you can consult your dermatologist, who can recommend certain prescription lotions to relieve the roughness.

Soften the Cuticles

When extra skin gathers up over time and gets stick to your nail you can suffer from the problem of overgrown cuticles. In order to solve this, you should soften your cuticles once in two weeks. Invest in cuticle oil and massage your cuticles with it.

Then dip your feet in slightly warm water for about 5 to ten minutes to make the skin lose. Next, apply a good cuticle remover that has allantoin in it. As the cuticle remover softens the dead skin, it becomes easier to get rid of the skin.


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