How to get shiny soft hair

shiney We all desire dark, shiny, healthy and soft hair.  Lustrous and soft hair also add charm to the personality.  Soft hair makes the hair manageable.  While dull, frizzy hair can makes us feel conscious of our hair setting, shiny and soft hair makes us feel beautiful and confident.  Here are some tips you can use to get the hair you desire.

Use a shampoo that is suitable to your hair, like special shampoos for dry hair, frizzy hair, oily hair and so on.  Use a shampoo that has less chemicals.  Use organic shampoo with natural properties and herbs.  While applying hair color or dye, again choose products that are natural.

Do not wash your hair in hot water as it drains away the moisture.  Washing with cold water locks the cuticles and stores the nutrients that shampoos or oil provide.

Do not brush hair while it is wet.  While brushing use a wide tooth comb or comb with natural bristles.  While blow drying, be careful to set the heat at a low temprature and do not keep it very close to the hair.  If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally or use the towel to dry it.

Use a conditioner after washing your hair or use deep conditioner if you have dry hair.

Apply a gel or cream and then brush so that the tangles do not cause hair breakage.  Avoid using dyes and curling devices frequently.  It harms the texture and natural shine of the hair.  Use hair mask, spray or gel to set the hair.  Use not straighten your hair frequently.  It harms the hair and gives it a dull and dry appearance.  Avoid contact with heat based products for hair.

Trim your hair regularly so that split ends and dead ends are removed and hair grows.

Eat food rich in proteins and vitamin B,C and E.


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