How to get rid of mice

grm Mice menace is common in most homes. Mice seek refuge in big and cluttered homes that offer them plenty of hideouts and free food.

Having these pests in the house can be hazardous as mouse droppings and urine can transmit the deadly hantavirus to human beings when they come in contact with it. Even bubonic plagues are triggered by rat parasites. Here’s how to free your house of mice.

Checking for mouse intrusions

1) In order to check if mice have infested your home, you need to examine your home walls or food containers for gnaws, holes or abrasions.

2) Check for rat droppings, which are spherical and black in color.

3) Listen for squeaking sounds.

4) If you want to know regular routes of mice, then drop some talcum powder on the sides of floors. In a few days you might see tracks on the powder layer.

Starving the mice

1) Mice prefer nuts and grains. Make sure you have all these items in tightly-sealed containers.

2) Keeping your kitchen clean of all remnants of food.

3) If possible, place your food items in elevated cabins.

4) Keep trash in tightly sealed bins. Mice love trash food.

Destroying hideouts

1) Remove debris and other cluttered items from in and around your home. Organize your home more.

2) Fill cracks and holes with a waterproof sealant. You can use cement fillings in brick and stonewalls.

3) Trim your laws and make the grass shorter. Remove weeds. Mice like to hide in high grass.

Destroying mice

1) Use repellents like mint. Mice have a strong aversion to mint.

2) Set up mousetraps at places where you find the most mice activity.

3) Mice poison is an excellent option, but this should be the last resort. Remember to keep the poison away from children and pets. Educate your children on the fatal effects of poison before using them. Remember, mice poison is used only when all other methods fail to keep mice away.

4) Get a cat. Cats predate on mice and can clean up the mice menace.


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