How to get rid of headache

Headache is not just pain in the head but it is something that can ruin up your routine and you just cannot do anything! Though it may not significantly harm your internal body system or any vital organ in general case, but it can severely make you feeling discomfort. The uncomfortableness is so worst that you cannot resist anything and just want to cut off your head!

Headache could be due to many reasons and generally it is not a symptom that indicates any fatal condition. However, in some cases (such as brain tumor) intense headache is considerably serious. Headache, if associated with dizziness or giddiness carries some significance and hence it is to be treated under the supervision of health care provider. This is because when the blood pressure or blood glucose level is altered, you may get headache with confused state of mind.

Let us see some easy steps on how to get rid of headache that is not associated with any disease or complications:

Tip 1: Try to sort out the cause that has given rise to headache. Generally tension or stress may cause headache. Simply removing it eases the headache.

Tip 2: It is also important that which part of head you have paining. This is because headache in different parts of head carries different causes. For instance, the pain at back side of the head and root of the neck may suggest weak eye sight and you may have to check with some ophthalmologist, you may have specks.

Tip 3: Generally, headache can be relieved when the scalp is massaged well. You can use some medicated oil those are available in some herbal store.

Tip 4: Many people say that headache can be relieved when you press certain acupressure points. Acupressure is considered to be very useful in reducing the intensity of headache.

Tip 5: You can have some milk, in case, the headache is due to acidity.

Tip 6: Go for some herbal analgesics such as Shallaki (boswellia serrata) that is known for its analgesic effects.


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