How to get rid of constipation

constipation Constipation is a disease which causes inconsistent bowel movement. Due to constipation people suffers from hard stools, difficulty in bowel movements that may lead to bleeding and hemorrhoids, Stomach pains etc. People who suffers from constipation, only knows, how much pain it is to have a disease like constipation. Constipation is very common to women than men. Women usually suffer from constipation just before menstrual period or during pregnancy.

Constipation is also the reason behind many diseases like colitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and diverticulitis etc. following are the tips to get rid of constipation

Drinking plenty of water
Our digestive system depends a lot on the consumption of water. Water mixes with the stool under the regulation process of colon, and stool can move through the large intestine smoothly. Under the absence of water stool may get dry and causes constipation. Normally doctors recommend atleast eight glasses of water each day to relieve of stomach from constipation.  It will be better if you can drink warm water in the early morning.

Increase fiber in your daily diet
Including more soluble or insoluble fibers in your daily diet will help to get rid of constipation. In fact insoluble fiber like wheat bran is extremely good for bowl movement. Insoluble fibers give bulk to our diet and soluble fibers turn into soft texture like gel in our intestine.  These prevent hard and dry stool that are difficult to eliminate. Eating more fruits and vegetables automatically include fiber in our diet.

Habit of morning elimination
It is very important to have a morning bowl movement habit. Never neglect this if you have urgency for other job. Ignoring or delay in elimination may lead to constipation. Try to make it a habit for early morning elimination.

Though there is no direct relation, but it is found that constipation normally happens to elderly people, who normally do less physical work. Exercise helps the intestine muscle to contraction and subsequent easy elimination.


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