How to Get Rid of Clutter

clutter2 Is your wardrobe becoming too congested? Do you find it difficult to stack the clothes that you bought recently? You can minimize the mess and your stress if you know how to get rid of clutter. Before you get set to de-clutter your home you should know what does clutter actually mean.

What is Clutter?

According to lifestyle management experts, a number of things fall under the term clutter. Clutter is anything that you have never used for a single time in the last two years or so. If you have not used some clothes, a pair of shoes, a knife, or any make-up for two years then it is quite unlikely that you will use them in the future.

These are collectively called clutter and you should throw them away to make space for new things in your home. You have to discard all those things that you do not require and you should learn how to take stock of the articles that you possess.

How to Manage Your Wardrobe

At least once in a year, you should bring out everything from your closet. Turn it upside down and find the items that have torn or faded. Search for the clothes that you have outgrown. Immediately throw away all such clothes. Find out those clothes which you have not worn but which are still new. Figure out if you want to wear them or not.

If you find that the designs have become outdated then you can give them away to someone. While cleaning your closet you can call your cousins and friends. They may like some of the clothes that you want to discard. Thus, they will be overjoyed to get clothes that are in good condition and yet different from their collection.

There is no point in clinging on to some old clothes that you used to wear during your school days. Be practical and understand that if you are sentimental then you will only be wasting storage space in your closet. Give them away to charities.


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